Man pages for gforge/htmlTable
Advanced Tables for Markdown/HTML

concatHtmlTablesFunciton for concatenating htmlTables
htmlTableOutputting HTML tables
htmlTableWidgethtmlTable with pagination widget
htmlTableWidget-shinyShiny bindings for htmlTableWidget
interactiveTableAn interactive table that allows you to limit the size of...
outputIntDeprecated use 'txtInt' instead.
prAddCellsAdd a cell
prAddSemicolon2StrEndAdd a ; at the end
prAttr4RgroupAddGet the add attribute element
prConvertDfFactorsConvert all factors to characters to print them as they...
prEscapeHtmlRemove html entities from table
prGetAlignGets alignment
prGetCgroupHeaderRetrieve a header row
prGetRgroupLineGets the number of rgroup htmlLine
prGetRowlabelPosGets the rowlabel position
prGetScriptStringGets a string with all the scripts merged into one script tag
prGetStyleGets the CSS style element
prGetTheadRenders the table head (thead)
prIsNotebookDetects if the call is made from within an RStudio Rmd file...
prMergeClrMerges multiple colors
prPrepareAlignPrepares the align to match the columns
prPrepareCgroupPrepares the cgroup argument
prPrepareColorsPrepares the alternating colors
prPrepareCssPrepares the cell style
prSkipRownamesReturns if rownames should be printed for the htmlTable
prTblNoGets the table counter string
pvalueFormatterDeprecated use 'txtPval' instead
SCBAverage age in Sweden
splitLines4TableSee 'txtMergeLines'
tblNoLastGets the last table number
tblNoNextGets the next table number
tidyHtmlTableGenerate an htmlTable using a ggplot2-like interface
txtIntSI or English formatting of an integer
txtMergeLinesA merges lines while preserving the line break for html/LaTeX
txtPvalFormats the p-values
txtRoundA convenient rounding function
vector2stringCollapse vector to string
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