Man pages for ggRaver/Lslide
Functions for object-oriented image analysis in landslide science

calcAccumulationBufferBuffering of flow accumulations using thresholds
checkGeometryGeometry check and repair of SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
classNeighborFunctionCalculation of relations from a class to its neighbor objects
convR2GSMConversion of raster layer to gray-scale image
correctDBFCorrect .dbf of file
dividePolygonDevide Polygon into N Equal Area Parts
effSurvAreaCalculation of effective surveyed area
genPntsByNetGenerate points based on distance constraints of a fish net
genRandomPntsGenerate random points based on distance constraints
genRandomPntsByGrdGenerate random points based on distance constraints
GeomorphometryGradientMetricsToolboxGeomorphometry & Gradient Metrics Toolbox
getBoundingBoxRotated and scaled bounding box
getRainEventDataGet rain event of a landslide
getRainThreshFreqMGet rain event of a landslide
hiPassThreshUsing high-pass filter and thresholds to filter image
initGRASSWinInitialisation of rgrass7 in Windows
kMeansThresholdingThresholds by k-Means clustering
mainDirectionObject orientation or main direction
neighborDirectionCalculation of the direction of every object to its neighbors
neighborGrowingGrowing of neighbors
objectFeaturesCaclulation of object features
Objective.FunctionObjective Function
objectTextureHaralickCaclulation of object-based textural features
optHiPassThreshFind optimal hyper-parameters for function...
par.Objective.FunctionObjective Function
plotObjectiveFunctionPlot result of Objective Function
relationalClassFunctionCalculation of object relations to a class
relationalObjectFunctionCalculation of object relations
replaceInvalidsReplace invalid fields in a data.frame or data.table
rsaga_eraseErase one geometry from another using Saga GIS
skyViewFactorSky-view factor as a relief visualization technique
st_bbox_geomReturn geometry from bounding box
st_dissolveDissolve geometry
st_eraseErase one geometry from another
st_integration_indexCalculate integration index
st_make_grid_linesMake multiline fishnet
st_meshCalculate the effective mesh size
st_perimeterCalculate the perimeter of a polygon
st_plotPlot sf geometry
st_rbindRow bind simple features
st_shape_indicesCalculate the shape indices of a polygon
st_urban_sprawlCalculate urban sprawl
textureFlowCalculation of textural features in flow direction
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