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Functions Useful for Working With Gasses Dissolved in Water

FishtrapCrDiel DO and PCO2 data from Fishtrap Creek
get.CO2Sys.TAlk_pCO2Calculate carbonate system from alkalinity and pCO2
get.CO2Sys.TAlk_TCO2Calculate carbonate system from alkalinity and DIC
get.GCalculate net gas flux of CO2 or O2
get.K0Calculates Henery's constant (mol/L/atm)
get.K1Calculates the first dissociation constant of carbonic acid...
get.K2Calculates the second dissociation constant of carbonic acid...
get.OHCalculates the hydroxide concentration in water (mol/L)
get.PCalculates in situ gross primary production (umol/L/timestep)
get.PAREstimates Photosynthetically Active Radiation at the Earth's...
get.RCalculates in situ respiration (umol/L/timestep)
get.ScReturns Schmidt number for a specific gas at a given...
mainMain control function for runnning the model
metabolismCalculate ecosytem metabolism and its effect on dissolved O2...
openAppOpen Shiny app to experiment with toy model
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