Man pages for gi0na/ghypernet
Generalised Hypergeometric Ensemble of Random Graphs

adj_karateZachary's Karate Club graph
as.ghypeMap list to ghype object
as.ghype.listMap list to ghype object
bccmFitting bccm models
BootstrapPropertyBootstrapProperty compute igraph analytics function on...
ComputeXiAuxiliary function. Computes combinatorial matrix.
conf.testTest regular (gnp) vs configuration model
CreateIgGraphsConvert a list of adjacency matrices to a list of igraph...
fitBlockModelFitting bccm models (deprecated)
FitOmegaFit propensity matrix for full model
ghypeFitting gHypEG models
ghype.defaultFitting gHypEG models
ghype.igraphFitting gHypEG models
ghype.matrixFitting gHypEG models
gof.testPerform a goodness-of-fit test
isNetworkTest null model vs full ghype.
JnBlockFisher Information matrix for estimators in block models.
linkSignificanceEstimate statistical deviations from ghype model
loglGeneral method to compute log-likelihood for ghype models.
logl.ghypeComputes log-likelihood for ghype models from model object
logLik.ghypeExtract Log-Likelihood
logl_matrixComputes log-likelihood for ghype models from adjacency.
logl.matrixComputes log-likelihood for ghype models from adjacency.
loglratioCompute log-likelihood ratio for ghype models.
lr.testPerform likelihood ratio test between two ghype models.
mat2vec.ixAuxiliary function, gives mask for matrix for directed,...
print.bccmPrint method for elements of class "bccm".
print.ghypePrint method for ghype object.
RandomGraph(deprecated) Generate random realisations from ghype model.
regularmFit the gnm model
rghypeGenerate random realisations from ghype model.
scmFit the Soft-Configuration Model
vec2matAuxiliary function, produces matrix from vector
vertexlabelsZachary's Karate Club vertex faction assignment
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