LACE is an algorithmic framework that processes single-cell somatic mutation profiles from cancer samples collected at different time points and in distinct experimental settings, to produce longitudinal models of cancer evolution. The approach solves a Boolean Matrix Factorization problem with phylogenetic constraints, by maximizing a weighted likelihood function computed on multiple time points.

concordance = TRUE,
background = "#f3f3ff"

Installing LACE

The R version of LACE can be installed from Github. To do so, we need to install the R packages LACE depends on and the devtools package.

# install LACE library
if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")
install_github("BIMIB-DISCo/LACE", ref = "master")

# load LACE library


Please feel free to contact us if you have problems running our tool at daniele.ramazzotti1@gmail.com or d.maspero@campus.unimib.it.

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