Man pages for gianmarcoalberti/CAinterprTools
Package for graphical aid in Correspondence Analysis interpretation and significance testing

aver.ruleAverage Rule chart
caClusterClustering row/column categories on the basis of...
caCorrChart of correlation between rows and columns categories
CAinterprTools-packageVisual tools for Correspondence Analysis interpretation and...
caPerceptPerceptual map-like Correspondence Analysis scatterplot
caPlotIntepretation-oriented Correspondence Analysis scatterplots,...
caPlusFacility for interpretation-oriented CA scatterplot
caScatterScatterplot visualization facility
cols.cntrColumns contribution chart
cols.cntr.scatterScatterplot for column categories contribution to dimensions
cols.corrChart of columns correlation with a selected dimension
cols.corr.scatterScatterplot for column categories correlation with dimensions
cols.qltChart of columns quality of the display
groupBycoordDefine groups of categories on the basis of a selected...
malinvaudMalinvaud's test for significance of the CA dimensions
rescaleRescaling row/column categories coordinates between a minimum...
rows.cntrRows contribution chart
rows.cntr.scatterScatterplot for row categories contribution to dimensions
rows.corrChart of rows correlation with a selected dimension
rows.corr.scatterScatterplot for row categories correlation with dimensions
rows.qltChart of rows quality of the display
sig.dim.permPermuted significance of CA dimensions
sig.dim.perm.screeScree plot to test the significance of CA dimensions by means...
sig.tot.inertia.permPermuted significance of the CA total inertia
table.collapseCollapse rows and columns of a table on the basis of...
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