Man pages for giocomai/edjnetquotefinder
EDJNet's QuoteFinder

mod_qf_ca_kwic_rmod_qf_ca_kwic_r_ui and mod_qf_ca_kwic_r_server
mod_qf_show_tweetsmod_qf_show_tweets_ui and mod_qf_show_tweets_server
pipePipe operator
qf_bind_rows_tweetsCreate a single data frame from a vector of Twitter handles
qf_create_hashtag_listCreate an ordered list of hashtags (tipically, to be used in...
qf_create_language_listCreate a list of available languages (tipically, to be used...
qf_create_trending_hashtag_listCreate an ordered list of hashtags (tipically, to be used in...
qf_dashboardRun the Shiny Application
qf_emm_extract_entitiesExtract most frequently used entities in emm newsbrief items
qf_emm_extract_keywordsExtract most frequently used words from news titles
qf_find_list_idFin the ID of Twitter lists.
qf_get_emm_newsbriefGet current news in multiple languages from EMM newsbrief
qf_get_tweets_by_userExtracts and stores tweets locally
qf_get_tweets_from_listExtracts and stores tweets locally Extracts and stores tweets...
qf_wordcloud_appStarts wordcloud shiny app
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