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Exploring Accelerometer Data

accSummarizes accelerometer data for multiple types of physical...
accBatchSummarizes multiple accelerometer datafiles
acc-internalInternal mypackage Functions
accSummarySummarizes accelerometer data for a single type of physical...
aeeCreates an aee object
aeefitFits semiparametric regression models for irregularly...
aeexfitFits semiparametric regression models robust to informative...
aggAccAggregates multiple accelerometer summary files
nhanesSampleNHANES data
plotAccPlots accelerometer data
racePlotRace plots of minutes of activity per day
readCountsReads counts data in .dat, .agd, or .csv format for Actigraph...
readCountsBatchReads multiple accelerometer counts data in a folder
readRawReads raw data in .csv format for GT3X devices
simAccSimulates accelerometer data based on a hidden Markov model
simPASimulates minutes of physical activity per day
simRtcSimulates minutes of physical activity in continuos time
simStudyPerforms a simulation study
summary.aeefitSummary method for aeefit objects
summary.aeexfitSummary method for aeexfit objects
visGroupGroup level plots
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