Man pages for gitlongor/QuasiSeq
Analyzing RNA Sequencing Count Tables Using Quasi-Likelihood

coef.glmCoefficient and Bias From Generalized Linear Model Fit
fbrNBglmFirth-Type Bias-Reduced Negative Binomial Log-Linear Model
glmSolveGeneralized linear model (glm) solvers
mockRNASeqDataA Simulated RNA-Seq Data Set
NBDevFit a negative binomial GLM for given design matrix
negbinNegative Binomial Family
nlSolveNonlinear equation solvers
PoisDevCompute Poisson deviances (up to a constant) for given design...
QL.fitFit quasi-likelihood models to matrix of RNA-seq expression...
QL.resultsObtain p-values and q-values using results from ''
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