Man pages for giupo/rutils
A bunch of utils

combine2Esegue il prodotto cartesiano degli array di stringhe passati...
constainsStringcontrolla se una stringa e' nell'altra
flypwdReturns the password stored by flypwd
ini_parseParses a file INI
is.darwinMisc Utils
is.jenkinsInternal Functions
is.StackReturns 'TRUE' if 'x' is a Stack
is.windowsMisc Utils
notifyStub per funzione di notify
randomStringgenera stringhe random
readLinesbase::readLines error reporting sucks.
setOptionHandling of options in R sucks chode big time.
sliceSlides the 'x' object in 'n' parts
tempdirthis is how a tempdir function sould work, not as the...
unfoldRedefines all the object in a list, in the parent.frame
utilsJust like basename without the ext
whoamiSame as *nix command
workDirCreates a working directory
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