Man pages for global-trade-alert/gtabastiat

b_bindBastiat, rbind two data frames.
b_bing_itBastiat, please translate using bing.
b_cleanBastiat, clean my string.
b_create_model_variablesBastiat, please process my text and create the model...
b_cutoff_probabilityBastiat, what's the minimum prediction probability for this...
b_evalBastiat, evaluate this pasted command.
b_gta_countriesBastiat, please convert this into GTA countries.
b_load_siteBastiat, please wait until the following XPATH appears on the...
b_model_statsBastiat, generate the detective stats for this model.
b_process_keywordsBastiat, please process my text to find the GTA keywprds.
b_score_meBastiat, please score this detective's performance.
b_train_detectiveBastiat, please train this detective.
b_updateGet the latest version from GitHub.
b_var_generationBastiat, draw new variables for my model.
b_var_poolBastiat, pool variables from two models.
helloHello, World!
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