Man pages for global-trade-alert/gtalibrary
Contains functions to work with GTA data

gta_bulk_prepSplit a data frame containing GTA entries into the components...
gta_colour_paletteGTA Colour Palette .
gta_cpc_code_checkCheck whether your CPC codes are consistent with CPC 2.1.
gta_cpc_code_expandExpands 2-digit level CPC codes into 3-digit level CPC codes.
gta_cpc_namesCreate a dataframe with CPC names out of a list of CPC codes.
gta_cpc_to_hsConvert CPC 2.1 codes into HS 2012 (6-digit level).
gta_data_downloadDownload the latest copy of the GTA database.
gta_data_slicerThis function allows you to extract a tailored subset of the...
gta_hs_code_checkCheck whether your HS codes are consistent with HS 2012.
gta_hs_code_finderFind HS codes for product names based on the search engines...
gta_hs_namesCreate a dataframe with HS names out of a list of HS codes.
gta_hs_to_cpcConvert HS 2012 codes into CPC 2.1 codes (3-digit level).
gta_imp_exp_hs_tuplesGTA Importer-Exporter-Product tuples
gta_intervention_durationGTA intra-year duration calculator
gta_parameter_checkThis is a helper function that evaluates whether all user...
gta_plot_3d_mapCreate 3D world map.
gta_plot_mapCreate ggplot maps.
gta_plot_saverSave png and eps plots together more easily.
gta_plot_tileCreate ggplot maps.
gta_plot_wrapperDefine plot settings for ggplot.
gta_themeDefine plot theme settings for ggplot.
gta_trade_coverageGTA trade coverage function
gta_trade_value_bilateralGTA bilateral trade value
gta_un_code_vectorCreate a vector of UN country codes
gta_update_libraryGet the latest version from GitHub.
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