Man pages for globalgov/qData
A Portal for Global Governance Data

call_packagesCall, download, and update many packages
call_releasesCall releases historical milestones/releases
call_sourcesCall sources for datacubes and datasets in 'many' packages
call_treatiesCall treaties from 'many' datasets
coalesce_rowsGet first non-missing
compare_categoriesCompare categories in 'many' datacubes
compare_dimensionsCompare dimensions for 'many' data
compare_missingCompare missing observations for 'many' data
compare_overlapCompare the overlap between datasets in 'many' datacubes
compare_rangesCompare ranges of variables in 'many' data
consolidateConsolidate datacube into a single dataset
defunctFunctions that have been renamed, superseded, or are no...
emperorsEmperors datacube documentation
favourFavour datasets in a datacube
recollectPastes unique string vectors
reexportsSelects a single dataset from a datacube
repaintFills missing data by lookup
reunitePastes unique string vectors
transmutateDrop only columns used in formula
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