Man pages for gluc/datapR
Configurable Data Pipes R reference implementation

CacheCache / memoise a function for some time
CheckAggregationLoads a context definition and checks its syntax.
CheckSyntaxLoads a context definition and checks its syntax.
CombineCombines two xts objects with similar data, giving preference...
ConstantReturnCreate a daily timeseries with a constant yearly return.
datapData aquisition and pre-processing using datap contexts
FixedWeightIndexGenerate an index in which each component has a fixed weight.
ForgetCacheForget memoised/cached function
LoadLoads a meta definition.
NaRatioCheck the ratio of NA values compared to non-NA values.
OnesCreate a timeseries of 1
plot.tapPlot a timeseries or a module
RegularizeRegularize the index of a daily xts by adding NAs to...
SetNamesSet the names to an object
TapGet data from a tap
TodayAlias for 'Sys.Date()'
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