Man pages for gmelloni/LowMACA
LowMACA - Low frequency Mutation Analysis via Consensus Alignment

alignSequencesAlign sequences via clustalo
allPfamAnalysisGlobal analysis of a repository of mutations
bpAllDraw a mutation barplot
entropyCalculate LowMACA statistics
getMutationsRetrieve mutation data for a LowMACA object
lfmShow significant clusters of mutations
lfmSingleSequenceShow significant clusters of mutations of every gene in a...
lmAlignmentShow Alignment Results from a LowMACA object
lmEntropyShow Entropy Information Contained in a LowMACA object
lmMutationsShow Mutation Data Contained in a LowMACA object
lmObjExample of a LowMACA object
lmParamsShow and set parameters
lmPlotDraw a comprehensive LowMACA plot
lmPlotSingleSequenceDraw a LowMACA comprehensive plot of a specified gene within...
LowMACA_AMLExample of a LowMACA object
LowMACA-classClass '"LowMACA"'
LowMACA-packageLowMACA : Low frequency Mutations Analysis via Consensus...
mapMutationsMap mutations on consensus sequence
newLowMACAConstruct a LowMACA object
nullProfileDraw a mutational profile plot
parallelizeShow and set parallelization options
protterDraw a Protter plot
setupSetup of a LowMACA object
showTumorTypeList of tumor types
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