Man pages for gmlang/RGurunavi

check_requestCheck if API request returns an error or success.
extract_nestedExtracts values from nested data structure of a XML object.
extract_shop_infoExtracts shop info from nested data structure of a XML...
extract_simpleExtracts values from simple flat data structure of a XML...
get_areasImplements the Acquire Area (regions broader than...
get_areas_largeImplements the Acquire Area Large Master API.
get_areas_middleImplements the Acquire Area Middle Master API.
get_areas_smallImplements the Acquire Area Small Master API.
get_bizcatsImplements the Acquire Business Category Master API.
get_bizsubcatsImplements the Acquire Business Subcategory Master API.
get_prefsImplements the Prefecture Master API.
get_shopsImplements the Multi-language version Restaurant Search API.
make_APIcallConstruct the URL of the full API call.
query_dataPerforms GET call to API and parses returned XML.
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