Man pages for gmonette/p3d
Plot 3d Data and Fitted Surfaces

abGenerate arguments to plot a line
abline2Generate arguments to plot a line
args3dProcess 3D arguments
Axes3dDraw axes for a 3D plot
cellCalculate confidence ellipses for parameters in linear models...
centerCenter of object
coffeeArtifcial data set on Coffee Consumption, Heart Damage Index...
ConjCompCalculate a basis for the conjugate complement of a conjugate...
data.Ell3dData ellipse in 3D
dellData ellipse in 2D
dispDisplay name and value of argument - for debugging
ellEllipses in 2D
Ell3dAdd ellipsoid(s) to a 3D plot
ell.conjFind conjugate axes or tangent lines to ellipse
ellipsoidCalculate an ellipsoid in 3D
E.phiIncline horizontal plane by phi degree
EvalfEvaluates a function like predicts evaluates a model
Fit3d3D plots of fitted response surfaces and functions
Flag3dDisplays labels in 3d plot.
funmiscMiscellaneous functions for p3d
hwArticial data with classical outliers.
Id3dIdentify points in the current Plot3d rgl window
Identify3dIdentify points in 3D
IncIncrement a number possibly represented in a character string...
Init3dInitialize rgl for Plot3d and related functions
Lines3dDraw lines in 3D space
Long3dRepresent hierarchical longitudinal data in 3D
misscodeRecode missing data for p3d
p3d-internalInternal p3d objects
p3d-packageVisualization of models in 3D
Plot3dPlot3d generates a 3-dimensional plot using the package...
Plot3d.parManipulate parameters for 3D plotting
Points3dPlot points in 3D
popRemove last objects added to a 3D plot
Pop3dRemove last object added to 3D plot
scat3d3D scatterplot adapted from a function by J. Fox
SmokingCigarette consumption and life expectancy by country
Smoking2Cigarette consumption and life expectancy by country
snapTake a snapshot of the current 3D plot
Spheres3dDraw sphere in 3D space
spinSpin or rotate a 3D plot
S.thetaRotate around vertical axis by theta degrees
Surf3dAdd a surface to 3D plot (in development)
Text3dAdd text to a 3D plot
uvConjugate complement of a space
xyPoints from list for plotting
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