Man pages for gmxavier/pongaR
Acoustic Emission Measurement Chain Simulation for Solid Particle Sizing

addMaterialAdding new material data to material database.
apertureFunctionComputing sensor's aperture function.
delta_ALamb wave dispersion function for antisymmetric modes.
delta_SLamb wave dispersion function for symmetric modes.
getFeaturesExtracting acoustic emission features.
lame2velLongitudinal and transverse velocities from Lame parameters.
lame2youngYoung modulus and Poisson ratio from Lame parameters.
makeDDGenerating dispersion data.
makeEFGenerating excitability function data.
makeExpGenerating experiment data.
makeFRGenerating sensor frequency response data.
makeMediumGenerating medium impulse response.
makePlateGenerating plate specification.
makeReadoutGenerating readout impulse response.
makeRunGenerating run data.
makeSignalGenerating acoustic emission signal due solid particle impact...
makeSourceGenerating source impulse response.
makeSphereGenerating solid sphere specification.
material'pongaR' material database
r15iucAcoustic emission sensor frequency response
runExpRunning experiment to produce acoustic emission signals due...
shearEquationComputing shear equation .
titaniumDDTitanium dispersion data
titaniumEFTitanium excitability function data
vel2lameLame parameters from longitudinal and transverse velocities...
vel2youngYoung modulus and Poisson ratio from longitudinal and...
young2lameLame parameters from Young modulus and Poisson ratio.
young2velLongitudinal and transverse velocities from density, Young...
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