Man pages for gobbios/cfp
Christof's function package

authornamesAuthor names data set
balancedatasetbalance a data set according to some grouping factor(s)
coloralphaadd alpha to colours
decaxisdraw axes with different decimals in the labels
drawcircleadd a circle to a plot
elementpropProportion of elements in a sequence
elementslope'Slope' of elements within a sequence according to position...
entropyShannon entropy
expandexpand grid with numerical component
histogramhistogram with overlay
lssLevenshtein similarity (based on Levenshtein distance)
mat2longExpand matrix to data.frame via row and column names
modcheckgraphical model checks
mseqmake regular sequence from range of numeric vector
mutinfoMutual information
ngrams*n*-grams of sequences
plotbinaryPlot raw data for binomial data
repDFArepeated DFAs with balanced subsets
resamplefunctionresample function
roundXspecial rounding
transfHistograms of several transformations
transitionsTransitions between elements of a sequence
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