Man pages for google/glmmplus
Multiple Imputation and Model Selection

BackwardEliminateBackward Elimination for Generalized (Mixed) Linear Models...
CrossValidateCross Validation of gfo objects
FitModelForward Selection for Generalized (Mixed) Linear Models with...
ForwardSelectForward Selection for Generalized (Mixed) Linear Models with...
GetVariableGroupImpactModel Implied Group Impact Analysis
GetVariableImpactsVariable Impact Analysis after Cross Validation
glmmplus-introglmmplus - An introduction
ImputeDataMultiple Imputation by Chained Equations
LongToWideLongToWide: Convert nested long structures to wide...
MakeSplineStrspline helper function
predict-lmerPrediction function for Generalized (Mixed) Linear Models...
scoefStandardized Coefficients
testdataA test data set for the glmmplus package
WideToLongWideToLong: Converting from wide to long formats
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