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Local Exposure-Response Confounding Adjustment

BurnThinBurn in and thinning of the LERCA fit.
ExposureCoefsAcquire the coefficients as a function of the exposure.
ExposureInclusionAcquire the inclusions probabilities as a function of the...
GenYgivenXCGenerating the outcome given exposure and covariates.
GetbYvaluesExperiments' outcome model intercepts for continuous ER.
GetERCER estimates from LERCA fit.
GetER_1chainCalculating the exposure response function for one MCMC...
JumpOverMCMC jump over move
JumpOverCoefProposing coefficients for the Jump Pver MCMC move.
JumpWithinSimultaneous move of experiment, alphas and slopes within...
LERCALocal Exposure-Response Confounding Adjustment.
LERCAextendExtending the LERCA fit.
LogLikeApproximate log likelihood of an experiment.
MakeArraysCreate arrays to save MCMC posterior samples
PlotLERCAPlotting LERCA results.
ProposeSlopesProposed slope values of Jump Over move.
psrCalculating the PSR of the LERCA fit.
ScalarToVectorTurning variable into vector if scalar.
SimDifferentialConfoundingSimulating data with differential confounding.
TrueERCalculating the true ER of simulated data set.
UpdateAlphasUpdate the inclusion indicators from their full conditional.
UpdateCovCoefUpdate within experiment coefficients
UpdateExperimentsSeparate move of the experiment configuration
UpdateIntSlopeIntercepts and coefficients of exposure
UpdateVariancesExposure and outcome model residual variances
WAICWAIC of LERCA fit using the full conditionals.
XCcontinuousMarginal mean of C across experiments to have E(C|X =x)...
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