Man pages for grady/evol-mc
Evolutionary MC Project

adapt.normalAdaptive proposal distribution
as.array.chainTransform a chain to an array
as.mcmc.list.chainConvert a chain object to a coda mcmc.list object
composeFunction composure
crossoverProposes matings uniformly.
exchangeExchange states from a population.
extractNeed this to keep the extraction operator from fucking up the...
gaussian.walkMultivariate normal random walk proposal
gibbsCreate a gibbs sampler object.
heatHeat a target distribution.
hist.chainCreate histograms of variables in chain.
iterateIteratively call a function.
ld.wt.crossoverassociated crossover density function
metropolisCreate a metropolis hastings updater function.
mutateEvolution/Tempering functions
plot.chainPretty pictures.
print.chainYou probably don't really want to see the entire list of...
pruneSubset each element of a chain.
summary.chainBasic summary of a chain object.
targettarget density
uniform.walkUniform jumping proposal functions
weighted.crossoverProposes a density weighted k=1 crossover.
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