Man pages for graemeblair/DeclareDesign
Tools for Improving Research Designs in the Social Sciences

add_stepAdd a step to an existing design
cite_designObtain the preferred citation for a design
declare_assignmentDeclare Assignment Procedure
declare_designDeclare Design
DeclareDesignDeclareDesign package
declare_diagnosandsDeclare Diagnosands
declare_estimandDeclare Estimand
declare_estimatorDeclare an Estimator
declare_populationDeclare the Size and Features of the Population
declare_potential_outcomesPotential Outcomes
declare_samplingDeclare Sampling Procedure
diagnose_designDiagnose the Design
diagnosis_helpersExplore your design diagnosis
download_designGet Design from the DeclareDesign Library of Research Designs
download_templateGet Design Template from the DeclareDesign Library of...
modify_designModify a Design
post_designExplore your design
quick_designDeclare a Design via a Template Function
remove_stepRemove a step from an existing design
replace_stepReplace a step in an existing design
reveal_outcomesReveal Observed Outcomes
summary.designText Summary of a Design
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