Man pages for gragusa/MARSS
Multivariate Autoregressive State-Space Modeling

allowedMARSS Function Defaults and Allowed Methods
as_marssMODELConvert Model Objects between Forms
checkMARSSInputsCheck inputs to MARSS call
checkModelListCheck model List Passed into MARSS Call
coef_marssMLECoefficient function for MARSS MLE objects
CSEGriskfigurePlot Extinction Risk Metrics
CSEGtmufigurePlot Forecast Uncertainty
graywhalesPopulation Data Sets
harborSealHarbor Seal Population Count Data (Log counts)
isleRoyalIsle Royale Wolf and Moose Data
is_marssMLEMaximum Likelihood MARSS Estimation Object
is_marssMODELTest Model Objects
loggerheadLoggerhead Turtle Tracking Data
MARSSMARSS Model Specification and Estimation
MARSSaicAIC for MARSS Models
MARSSapplynamesNames for marssMLE Object Components
MARSSbootBootstrap MARSS Parameter Estimates
MARSS_dfaMultivariate Dynamic Factor Analysis
MARSShatytCompute Expected Value of Y,YY, and YX
MARSShessianMARSS Parameter Variance-Covariance Matrix from the Hessian...
MARSSinfoInformation for MARSS Error Messages and Warnings
MARSSinitsInitial Values for MLE
MARSSinnovationsbootBootstrapped Data using Stoffer and Wall's Algorithm
MARSSkemMaximum Likelihood Estimation for Multivariate Autoregressive...
MARSSkemcheckModel Checking for MLE objects Passed to MARSSkem
MARSSkfKalman Filtering and Smoothing for Time-varying MARSS models
MARSS_marxssMultivariate AR-1 State-space Model with Inputs
MARSSmcinitMonte Carlo Initialization
marssMLE-classClass "marssMLE"
marssMODEL-classClass "marssMODEL"
MARSSoptimParameter estimation for MARSS models using optim
MARSS-packageMultivariate Autoregressive State-Space Model Estimation
MARSSparamCIsStandard Errors, Confidence Intervals and Bias for MARSS...
MARSSsimulateSimulate Data from a MARSS Model
MARSSvectorizeparamVectorize or Replace the par List
planktonPlankton Data Sets
predict_marssMLECompute the Prediction Intervals, Expected Values, and...
print_marssMLEPrinting functions for MARSS MLE objects
print_marssMODELPrinting marssMODEL Objects
residuals_marssMLEMARSS Standardized Residuals
SalmonSurvCUISalmon Survial Indices
stdInnovStandardized Innovations
utility_functionsMatrix Utilities
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