API for gragusa/ase
Collection of useful functions for "Applied Statistics and Econometrics"

Global functions
CASchools Man page
Cigarettes Man page
CigarettesSW Man page
Ftest Man page
J_test Source code
J_test.ivreg Source code
STAR Man page
ase Man page
ase-package Man page
attend Man page
cap Source code
capitalize Source code
capply Source code
ceo Man page
ceo2 Man page
confint_rob Man page Source code
countycrime Man page
crimenc Man page
fatalities Man page
hmda Man page
ivreg Man page Source code
ivregdefault Source code
lower Source code
lowerize Source code
payroll Man page
print.ivreg Source code
print.summary_rob Man page Source code
print.summary_rob_plm Source code
print.wald_test Source code
rob Source code
summary_rob Man page Source code
summary_rob.glm Man page Source code
summary_rob.ivreg Source code
summary_rob.lm Man page Source code
summary_rob.plm Man page Source code
trim Source code
tsls2 Source code
wage2 Man page Man page
wald_test Man page Source code
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