Man pages for great-northern-diver/loon.ggplot
An add on package to loon that converts ggplot2 plots to interactive loon plots

geom_imageGlyphAdd image glyph on scatter plot
geom_pointrangeGlyphAdd pointrange glyph on scatter plot
geom_polygonGlyphAdd polygon glyph on scatter plot
geom_serialAxesGlyphAdd serialaxes glyph on scatter plot
geom_textGlyphAdd text glyph on scatter plot
get_activeGeomLayersactive geom layers
g_getLocationsget locations for 'ggmatrix'
g_getPlotsget 'ggplot's
gg_pipePipe ggplot object
ggplot2loon'ggplot' to 'loon'
ggSerialAxesggplot serialaxes
layout_coordslayout matrix
loon2ggplot'loon' to 'ggplot'
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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