Man pages for gregmacfarlane/omxr
Read and Write Open Matrix Files

create_omxCreate an OMX file
gather_matrixGather the destinations of a Origin-Destination matrix
get_omx_attrRead OMX attributes
list_omxList the contents of an OMX file
long_matrixTransform a matrix into long format
omxr'omxr': A package for using OMX files in R.
omxr_exampleGet path to example file
pipePipe operator
read_all_omxRead all matrix cores from an OMX file
read_lookupFunction to read an OMX lookup
read_omxRead an OMX matrix
read_selected_omxRead a OMX matrix based on a lookup vector
skims.omxSkims from ActivitySim
write_all_omxWrite all matrix cores to an OMX file
write_lookupFunction to write a lookup vector to an OMX file
write_matrix_attrFunction to write matrix attribute
write_omxFunction to write OMX matrix data
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