Man pages for gregorp/gregor
Gregor Thomas's Miscellaneous Functions

as_numeric_factorFactor to numeric via character
break_setterReturns an appropriate function to pass to the 'breaks'...
coalesceCoalesce - take the first non-missing value
comma_vectorTakes a vector and returns a comma-space separated string for...
facet_adjustUse in place of 'print.ggplot' with a ragged 'facet_wrap' to...
grapes-btwn-grapesbtwn operator
grapes-nin-grapesnot in operator
lay_outArranging ggplots
path_prepConverts Windows filepath to R format
pretty_dateOutputs a nice date for inline inclusion (wrapper for...
sampSample of an object.
theme_cleanA blank ggplot theme, borrowed from somebody on github
theme_gNice theme for ggplot
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