Man pages for gregorp/rlandscape
Generates random landscapes with specifiable spatial characteristics

checkLandChecks if stats are within bounds
coeffVarCalculates the coefficient of variation
edgeCleanDeletes extraneous edges
getParamsLmCalculates rlandscape parameters using the original lm...
getParamsRandomGets random parameters without desired characteristics
makeAdjListCreates an adjacency list
makeAreasTakes a summary matrix (from class landscape), a subset with...
makeDegVecTurns an adjacency list into a vector of degrees.
makePointsCreates a set of random points
makeTargetMatGenerates specific targets from target ranges
mergeListMakerRecursively reassigns ID numers after merging.
plot.landscapePlotting routine for landscape objects
rClusterGenerates random points by a clustering process
rlandProduces landscapes with descriptive statistics within input...
rlandGuiShiny app for rland
rlandscapeCreates a landscape object based on direct control...
rlandscape-packagerlandscape: Random Landscape Generation for Harvest...
rLatticePointslattice point process
saveAdjSaves an adjacency list
saveAreasSaves an area list
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