Man pages for grfiv/sp500SlidingWindow
Sliding Window Investment Analysis

buy_bondsBuy Bonds
CAGRCompound Annual Growth Rate
calc_chgCalculate The Changes In A Series
fmtFormat a Number with Commas and No Decimals
plot_effect_of_feesPlot the Effect of Fees
plot_ending_bal_distributionPlot the Distribution of Ending Balances
plot_ending_bal_withdrawalsPlot the Ending Balances and Withdrawals
plot_investments_expensePlot the Investments and Expenses
plot_market_resultsPlot The Daily Chart For One Window
plot_total_stock_marketPlot the Entire Stock Market History from 1950
schillerRead Bob Schiller's Data
SP500Daily S&P 500 data from Jan 3, 1950 to present
sp500SlidingWindowSliding Window Investment Analysis
SP500TR_1950Daily S&P 500 Total Return data from Jan 3, 1950 to present
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