Man pages for griffithdan/grassmap
Stable Terrestrial Carbon Isoscape Package

Cisotope-packageCarbon Isotope and Isoscape Package
COC3CropPer-Pixel Percentage of C3 Crop in Colorado, USA
COC4CropPer-Pixel Percentage of C4 Crop in Colorado, USA
COHerbPer-Pixel Percent Natural Herbaceous Vegetation. Colorado,...
combine_endmembersCombine Endmembers to Calculate Stable Terrestrial Carbon...
COMeanpptMean Monthly Precipitation (mm) for Colorado, USA.
COMeantmpMean Monthly Surface Temperature (Celcius) for Colorado, USA
COWoodyPer-Pixel Percent Woody Vegetation (Tree and Shrub)....
crossoverPlant Functional Type Crossover Temperature
del13cCalculate the del13C for a given Plant Functional Type.
grassbiogeoModels C3 C4 Grass Biogeography based on input data and...
isoscapeCalculate an Isoscape based on input data and parameters...
NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index Function
partitionNatHerbPartition Natural Herbaceous Values by Plant Functional Type
PFTmasksPlant Functional Type Mask Function
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