Man pages for griffithdan/plantspec
NIR Calibration and Spectral Data Management in R

as.spectra.listFunction to convert data to an object of class...
as.spectra.matrixFunction to convert data to an object of class...
averageSpectraFunction to average spectra.
calibrateFits a spectral PLS calibration model.
combineSpectraFunction to combine spectral datasets into one object.
convertSpectraConverts spectra into new units.
extract-methodsextract methods
idSpectraIdentify spectra in a plot.
makeCompatibleManipulate a spectral dataset to conform to the units,...
N_cal_shootoutN_cal_shootout: Shootout NIR calibration for Nitrogen
optimizePLSFunction to optimize the preprocessing steps for a PLS model.
plantspec-packageplantspec: NIR Calibration and Spectral Data Management in R
plotPLScalibrationVisualize PLS modeling results.
plot.PLScalibrationVisualize PLS modeling results.
plotSpectraFunction to plot spectra.
plot.spectra.listFunction to plot spectra.
plot.spectra.matrixFunction to plot spectra.
predictPLSPrediction method for 'PLScalibration'.
predict.PLScalibrationPrediction method for 'PLScalibration'.
preprocessFunction to preprocess on spectra.
readSpectraFunction to read spectra.
shootoutSample spectral data: software shootout at the IDRC98
subdivideDatasetSelects a subset of a multivariate (e.g., spectral) dataset.
subsetSpectraFunction to subset regions of spectra.
writeSpectraFunction to write spectra.
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