Man pages for groovearmada/exwas

mids_to_completeChange mids object to a complete (stacked) data.frame
plot_mids_resultsPlots regressions estimates obtained in ExWAS
plot_stratified_resultsPlots regressions estimates obtained in stratified ExWAS
run_exwas_cohort_leftSensitivity analysis stratified by cohort
run_exwas_cohort_outSensitivity analysis: leave-one-cohort-out
run_exwas_fullRun an ExWAS on a dataset that does not need pooling...
run_exwas_midsRun an ExWAS on an inputed 'mids' object
run_exwas_mids_betaRun an ExWAS on an inputed 'mids' object
run_exwas_sdq_confoundersRuns ExWAS for one SDQ score at a time and a confounder
run_exwas_sexSensitivity analysis stratified by sex
tidy_exwas_outcomesTidy the outcomes of regression run on a mids object
tidy_exwas_resultTidy ExWAS result
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