Man pages for group-wine/sommelieR
Fitting Linear, Multinomial, and Partial Proportional Odds Models to Predict Wine Quality

cmPlotVisualize a Confusion Matrix (ggplot)
data_to_mulitnomialReformats dataframe to multinomial regression form
fit_multinomial_regressionFits multinomial regression through 'optimx'
generate.multinomialA function to create an n x j matrix of outcomes where the...
linear.modA function to run linear regression
maximize.partial.prop.odds.llA function to maximize the partial proportional odds model...
multinomial_log_likelihoodComputes the log likelihood for multinomial regression
partial.prop.odds.llA function to return the log likelihood for a partial...
partial.prop.odds.modRun partial proportional odds models for ordinal outcomes
predict_multinomialA function to do prediction with multinomial regression...
predict.partial.prop.oddsA function to predict probabilities for each level of an...
red_testTesting dataset of quality ratings for red wine
red_trainTraining dataset of quality ratings for red wine
white_testTesting dataset of quality ratings for white wine
white_trainTraining dataset of quality ratings for white wine
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