Man pages for gsee/twsInstrument
Improves ease of use of IBrokers and FinancialInstrument

addIBslotCreate a twsContract and store it in a slot of an instrument
ATM_kAt-the-money strike
ATMQuoteAt-the-money quote
buildIBcontractbuildIBcontract and wrappers
ChangeTickerChange the Symbol of data on disk
conIdmethods to get conId
conId.defaultdefault conId extractor
conId.instrumentinstrument class conId extractor
conId.twsContracttwsContract class conId extractor
conId.twsContractDetailstwsContractDetails class conId extractor
conId.twsInstrumenttwsInstrument class conId extractor
ConnectIBEstablish (force) a connection to TWS or IBG
define_futures.IBfutures contract constructor
define_FXexchange_rate class constructor
define_optionscreate twsInstruments for options on a given underlying...
define_options.IBdefine option_series with IB...
define_options.yahoodefine option_series instruments using yahoo...
define_stocksDefine stocks for getting BID, ASK, LAST and OHLCV values from...
eWrapper.FXdataeWrapper for exchange_rate instruments...
extract_futureExtract root 'future' from 'future_series'
front_future.IBinstrument class constructor for front futures contract
future_idCreate future_series ids
getBATdownload Bid Ask Trade data and merge into BAT object
getContractget a twsContract object
get_fromGet first or last date for which there are data stored on...
getIBEquitiesrequests historical data for stocks from IB
get_quote.IBDownload current instrument quote using IBrokers...
get_quote.yahooDownload current instrument quote from yahoo...
instrument.twsinstrument class constructor.
ls_twsInstrumentsdisplay the names of or delete twsInstruments.
makeBATsBuild Bid Ask Trade object
MidReturn Mid column / check to see if data contains Mid column
option_idmake primary_ids for options...
reqTBBOhistoryDownload and save to disk historical Bid, Ask, and Trades...
rmContractRemove local copies of twsContracts
SP500descS&P 500 symbols
twsClockA clock utility to display the TWS server time...
twsInstrument-packagetwsInstrument package: Integrates IBrokers and...
updateContractupdate the IB attribute of a 'twsInstrument'
update_instruments.IBupdates instrument metadata with data from IB
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