Man pages for guido-s/metasens
Advanced Statistical Methods to Model and Adjust for Bias in Meta-Analysis

copasCopas selection model analysis
Crowther2003Aspirin after Myocardial Infarction
forest.orbboundForest plot for 'orbbound' object (bound for outcome...
funnel.limitmetaFunnel plot for limit meta-analysis
limitmetaLimit meta-analysis
metasens-packagemetasens: Brief overview of methods and general hints
Moore1998NSAIDS in acute pain
orbboundSensitivity Analysis for Outcome Reporting Bias (ORB)
plot.copasDisplay results of Copas selection modelling
print.copasPrint method for Copas selection model
print.limitmetaPrint method for limit meta-analysis
print.orbboundPrint method for objects of class orbbound
print.summary.copasPrint method for summary of Copas selection model
print.summary.limitmetaPrint method for summary of limit meta-analysis
summary.copasSummary method for Copas selection model
summary.limitmetaSummary method for limit meta-analysis
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