Man pages for guillaumeevin/GWEX
Multi-Site Stochastic Models for Daily Precipitation and Temperature

dailyPrecipGWEXdaily observations of precipitation data
dailyTemperGWEXdaily observations of temperature data
fitGwexModelfitGwexModel: fit a GWex model to observations.
Gwex-classClass Gwex
GwexFit-classClass GwexFit
GwexObs-classClass 'GwexObs'
GwexSim-classDefines a 'GwexSim' object which is a 'Gwex' object...
myParPrecGWEXfitted object of a precipitation GWEX model
myParTempGWEXfitted object of a temperature GWEX model
print-methodsprint-methods: Create a method to print Gwex objects.
show-methodsshow-methods: Create a method to show Gwex objects.
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