Man pages for guillaumelf/BarchenPackage
This is a package to help Barchen analyze its students and make decisions

add_fpAdds informations about the formation
add_originAdds the origin of an individual
add_proportion_moocAdds informations about the MOOC
add_type_examAdds informations about the nature of the exam
add_worktimeAdds the total time spent on the platform
affiche_durationPlots average duration of weekly work
affiche_examb_attPlots blank exam informations
affiche_examb_successPlots blank exam informations
affiche_formaPlots 'formation pr<c3><a9>sentielle' infos
affiche_moocPlots MOOC informations
affiche_mooc_cumulatedPlots MOOC informations
affiche_nb_mooc_preparedPlots MOOC informations
affiche_nb_mooc_usedPlots MOOC informations
affiche_nb_quest_cumulPlots cumulated informations
affiche_phase_durationPlots duration informations
affiche_progressionPlots cumulated informations
affiche_questions_cumulPlots cumulated informations
affiche_repartitionPlots repartition in clusters
affiche_resultatsPlots success rate for each cluster
affiche_score_initPlots initial scores for each cluster
affiche_suffixeExtracts the origin of an individual
affiche_tr_attemptPlots training informations
affiche_tr_questionsPlots training informations
affiche_tr_quest_totPlots training informations
change_labelsChanges cluster labels
choix_seuilDisplays error rates for predictions
clean_tableCleans the table
cluster_descriptionDisplays cluster description
clusteringPerforms a clustering on PCA results
create_dtestCreates new data to make predictions
create_dtest2Creates new data to make predictions
create_matrix_pcaCreates a matrix for a PCA
create_qrMerges several tables into one
create_resultsMerges results
description_durationPlots average duration of weekly work
description_nb_mooc_usedPlots MOOC informations
description_questionsPlots training informations
display_pca_resultsDisplays PCA results
divide_tablesDivides a table into several parts
do_pcaPerforms a Principal Component Analysis
extract_tableExtracts a table
gap_sessionAdds gaps between sessions
get_distanceCalculates euclidean distance
get_durationsAdds working time during each phase
get_exam_infosAdds blank exams informations
get_exam_typesPlots cluster infos
get_initial_levelAdds informations about the initial level
get_mooc_infosAdds informations about the MOOC
get_nb_questionsAdds the number of questions made throughout the period
get_training_infosAdds training informations
left_joinMerges tables
na_replaceReplaces NA in a data.table
plot.clustersPlots clusters's size
plot_cumulated_timePlots cumulated working time
progression_scoreAdds scores progressions through the working period
remove_outliersRemoves outliers from a PCA
select_modelisationSelects variables
select_var_treeSelects variables
vec_assignAssigns binary values to a vector
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