Defines functions checkLearner

Documented in checkLearner

# props checks if Learner has one or more properties specified in props as a
# character vector.

#' Exported for internal use only.
#' @param learner [\code{\link{Learner}} | \code{character(1)}]\cr
#'   The learner to check, or the name of the learner to create
#' @param type [\code{character(1)}]\cr
#'   What type of learner to require.
#' @param props [\code{character(1)}]\cr
#'   What properties to require.
#' @keywords internal
#' @export
checkLearner = function(learner, type = NULL, props = NULL) {
  if (is.character(learner))
    learner = makeLearner(learner)
    assertClass(learner, classes = "Learner")

  if (!is.null(type) && learner$type %nin% type) {
    stopf("Learner '%s' must be of type '%s', not: '%s'", learner$id, collapse(type), learner$type)

  if (!is.null(props)) {
    learner.props = getLearnerProperties(learner)
    missing.props = setdiff(props, learner.props)
    if (length(missing.props) > 0L){
      stopf("Learner '%s' must support properties '%s', but does not support '%s'.", learner$id, collapse(props), collapse(missing.props))

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