Man pages for gvarunkumar/plotly
Create Interactive Web Graphics via 'plotly.js'

add_dataAdd data to a plotly visualization
add_traceAdd trace(s) to a plotly visualization
arrangeArrange rows by variables.
arrange_Arrange rows by variables.
as.widgetConvert a plotly object to an htmlwidget object
bboxEstimate bounding box of a rotated string
configSet the default configuration for plotly
distinctSelect distinct/unique rows.
distinct_Select distinct/unique rows.
doDo arbitrary operations on a tbl.
do_Do arbitrary operations on a tbl.
embed_notebookEmbed a plotly figure as an iframe into a Jupyter Notebook
event_dataAccess plotly user input event data in shiny
exportExport a plotly graph to a static file
filterReturn rows with matching conditions.
filter_Return rows with matching conditions.
geom2traceConvert a "basic" geoms to a plotly.js trace.
get_figureRequest a figure object
gg2listConvert a ggplot to a list.
ggplotlyCreate plotly graphs using ggplot2 syntax
group_byGroup a tbl by one or more variables.
group_by_Group a tbl by one or more variables.
groupsGet/set the grouping variables for tbl.
hide_colorbarHide color bar(s)
hide_guidesHide guides (legends and colorbars)
hide_legendHide legend
hobbsHobbs data
knit_print.plotly_figureEmbed a plotly figure as an iframe in a knitr doc
last_plotRetrive and create the last plotly (or ggplot).
layoutModify the layout of a plotly visualization
micMic data
mutateAdd new variables.
mutate_Add new variables.
offlinePlotly Offline
plotlyMain interface to plotly
plot_lyInitiate a plotly visualization
plotly_build'Build' (i.e., evaluate) a plotly object
plotly_dataObtain data associated with a plotly graph
plotly_emptyCreate a complete empty plotly graph.
plotly_IMAGECreate/Modify plotly images
plotly_jsonInspect JSON sent to plotly.js
plotly_POSTCreate/Modify plotly graphs
plotly-shinyShiny bindings for plotly
print.plotly_figurePrint a plotly figure object
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renameSelect/rename variables by name.
rename_Select/rename variables by name.
schemaDisplay plotly's plot schema
selectSelect/rename variables by name.
select_Select/rename variables by name.
signupCreate a new plotly account.
sliceSelect rows by position.
slice_Select rows by position.
styleModify trace(s)
subplotView multiple plots in a single view
summariseSummarise multiple values to a single value.
summarise_Summarise multiple values to a single value.
to_basicConvert a geom to a "basic" geom.
toRGBConvert R colours to RGBA hexadecimal colour values
toWebGLConvert trace types to WebGL
transmuteAdd new variables.
transmute_Add new variables.
ungroupGet/set the grouping variables for tbl.
windWind data
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