Man pages for gvegayon/rgexf
Build, Import and Export GEXF Graph Files

add.gexf.nodeAdding and removing nodes/edges from 'gexf' objects
check.dpl.edgesCheck (and count) duplicated edges
checkTimesChecks for correct time format
edge.listDecompose an edge list
followersEdge list with attributes
gexf-classCreates an object of class 'gexf'
gexf-methodsS3 methods for 'gexf' objects between 'gexf' and 'igraph' classes
new.gexf.graphBuild an empty 'gexf' graph
plot.gexfVisualizing GEXF graph files using gexf-js
read.gexfReads gexf (.gexf) file
rgexf-packageBuild, Import and Export GEXF Graph Files
switch.edgesSwitches between source and target
twitteraccountsTwitter accounts of Chilean Politicians and Journalists...
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