Man pages for gvegayon/twitterreport
Out-of-the-Box Analysis and Reporting Tools for Twitter

jaccard_coefJaccard coefficient
names_female_enEnglish female names
names_female_esSpanish female names
names_male_enEnglish male names
names_male_esSpanish male names
plot.tw_Class_graphPlots a network using D3js
plot.tw_Class_wordsPlot words
senate_tweetsUS senate tweets
senatorsUS senators info from
senators_profileUS senators twitter profile
sentiment_lexicon_neg_enNegative Lexicon (en)
sentiment_lexicon_pos_enPositive Lexicon (en)
tw_api_get_followers_idsGET followers/ids
tw_api_get_followers_listGet Followers list
tw_api_get_friends_idsGET friends/ids
tw_api_get_search_tweetsGets status updates (tweets) via serach
tw_api_get_statuses_sampleGets a sample through the sample API
tw_api_get_statuses_user_timelineGets status updates (tweets) from a given user
tw_api_get_trends_placeGets the trends for a given place
tw_api_get_users_searchSearch users
tw_api_get_users_showGet user information
tw_api_trends_availableGet codes from the places where trends are availables
tw_extractExtract info from tweets
tw_genderMatches text with male/female names
tw_gen_tokenGenerate twitter tokens
tw_get_tw_accountRetrieve twitter accounts from a website
tw_leafletCreates a leaflet map
tw_networkCreates graph (directed)
tw_sentimentComputes sentiment score
tw_tableCreates a table of frequencies
tw_timeseriesCreates a time series object with frecuencies
tw_wordsProcess txt extracting relevant words, i.e. rm stop words and...
tw_write_json_networkWrites a JSON graph to be used with d3js
warriner_et_al_enWarriner et al. Lexicon (en)
warriner_et_al_esWarriner et al. Lexicon (es)
words_closenessRetrieves a set of words related to a particular word
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