Man pages for gyang274/ygdashboard
Create Dashboards with 'Shiny' and 'adminLTE'.

boxCreate a box for the main body of a dashboard
calendarBoxCreate a calendar box for the main body of a dashboard.
carouselBoxCreate a carousel box for the main body of a dashboard.
chatBoxCreate a chat box for the main body of a dashboard.
chatMessageOutputCreate a dynamic chat message output for ygdashboard (client...
dashboardBodyThe main body of a dashboard page.
dashboardControlbarCreate a dashboard control sidebar.
dashboardFooterThe footer of a dashboard page.
dashboardHeaderCreate a header for a dashboard page
dashboardPageyg dashboard page
dashboardSidebarCreate a dashboard sidebar.
dashboardUserCreate a dashboard user profile.
dropdownMenuCreate a dropdown menu to place in a dashboard header
dropdownMenuOutputCreate a dropdown menu output (client side)
footerOutputCreate a dynamic footer output for ygdashboard (client side)
getIconClassGiven the name of an icon
infoBoxCreate an info box for the main body of a dashboard.
kpi_metric_boxCreate a Matrix Box
kpi_table_boxCreate a table Box
measure_box_tabular_UICreate a tabular box UI
menuItemOutputCreate a sidebar menu item output (client side)
menuOutputCreate a dynamic menu output for shinydashboard (client side)
menuSegmentOutputCreate a sidebar menu segment output (client side)
messageItemCreate a message item to place in a dropdown message menu
moduleOutputCreate a dynamic module output for ygdashboard (client side)
notificationItemCreate a notification item to place in a dropdown...
renderChatMessageCreate dynamic chat message output (server side)
renderDropdownMenuCreate a dropdown menu output (server side; deprecated)
renderFooterCreate dynamic footer (server side)
renderMenuCreate dynamic menu output (server side)
renderUserCreate dynamic user output (server side)
renderValueBoxCreate an info or value box output (server side)
sidebarMenuCreate a dashboard sidebar menu and menu items.
sidebarMenuOutputCreate a sidebar menu output (client side)
sidebarSearchFormCreate a search form to place in a sidebar
sidebarUserPanelA panel displaying user information in a sidebar
sidebarUserPanelOutputCreate a sidebar user panel output (client side)
socialWidgetBoxCreate a socialWidgetBox box for the main body of a...
tabBoxCreate a tabbed box
tabItemOne tab to put inside a tab items container
tabItemsA container for tab items
tagAssertAssert that a tag has specified properties
taskItemCreate a task item to place in a dropdown task menu
timelineBoxCreate a timeline box for the main body of a dashboard.
updateTabItemsChange the selected tab on the client
userOutputCreate a dynamic user output for ygdashboard (client side)
validColorsValid colors
validStatusesValid statuses
valueBoxCreate a value box for the main body of a dashboard.
valueBoxOutputCreate an info or value box output (client side)
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