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The goal of teatimer is to set an easy (albeit rough) timer. It has one function: teatimer which runs beepr::beep() after however many minutes or seconds the user specifies. Be forewarned: because this runs using Sys.sleep(), it is not running in the background - the R console will not be available while it is running. Plan accordingly.


Here is a basic example of all the options:

teatimer(time = 0, minutes = TRUE, sound = 1)

This immediately plays a 'ping' sound. The minutes argument, by default TRUE, indicates whether to treat the time argument as minutes (TRUE) or seconds (FALSE). The sound argument is passed to beepr::beep(). By default, it plays the 'ping' sound. To play a random sound, set sound = 0.


teatimer is not currently available on CRAN, but you can install it with:

# install.packages("devtools")

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