Man pages for ha0ye/rEDM
Applications of Empirical Dynamic Modeling from Time Series

block_3spTime series for a three-species coupled model.
block_gp(generalized) Block forecasting using Gaussian Processes
block_lnlpPerform generalized forecasting using simplex projection or...
ccmPerform convergent cross mapping using simplex projection
ccm_meansTake output from ccm and compute means as a function of...
compute_statsCompute performance metrics for predictions
e120_invnit16Biodiversity data at the Cedar Creek LTER
make_blockMake a lagged block for multiview
make_surrogate_dataGenerate surrogate data for permutation/randomization tests
multiviewPerform forecasting using multiview embedding
paramecium_didiniumTime series for the Paramecium-Didinium laboratory experiment
rEDMApplications of empirical dynamic modeling from time series.
sardine_anchovy_sstTime series for the California Current Anchovy-Sardine-SST...
simplexPerform univariate forecasting
sockeye_returnsTime series for sockeye salmon returns.
tde_gp(univariate) Time-Delay Embedding forecasting using Gaussian...
tentmap_delTime series for a tent map with mu = 2.
test_nonlinearityRandomization test for nonlinearity using S-maps and...
thrips_blockApple-blossom Thrips time series
two_species_modelTime series for a two-species coupled model.
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