Man pages for hadley/bigrquery
An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'

bigrquery-packagebigrquery: An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
copy_tableCopy one or more source tables to a destination table.
DBIDBI methods
dbi_driverBigQuery DBI driver
delete_datasetDeletes an existing dataset in a project
delete_tableDelete a table.
format_datasetFormat dataset and project ID as a BQ-style identifier
format_tableFormat dataset, project and table ID as a BQ-style identifier
get_access_credGet and set access credentials
get_datasetGets an existing dataset in a project
get_jobCheck status of a job.
get_tableRetrieve table metadata
insert_datasetCreates a new dataset in a project
insert_extract_jobCreate a new extract job.
insert_query_jobCreate a new query job.
insert_tableInsert empty table
insert_upload_jobUpload data.
list_datasetsList the datasets in a project
list_projectsList all projects to which you have been granted any project...
list_tabledataRetrieve data from a table.
list_tablesList available tables in dataset.
parse_datasetParse a BQ-style identifier into project/dataset IDs
parse_tableParse a BQ-style identifier into project/dataset/table IDs
query_execRun a asynchronous query and retrieve results.
src_bigqueryA bigquery data source.
update_datasetUpdates an existing dataset in a project
wait_forWait for a job to complete, optionally printing updates
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