Man pages for hadley/devtools
Tools to Make Developing R Packages Easier

as.packageCoerce input to a package.
bashOpen bash shell in package directory.
buildBuild package
build_manualCreate package pdf manual
build_vignettesBuild package vignettes.
checkBuild and check a package, cleaning up automatically on...
check_failuresParses R CMD check log file for ERRORs, WARNINGs and NOTEs
check_manCheck documentation, as 'R CMD check' does.
check_rhubRun CRAN checks for package on r-hub
check_winBuild windows binary package.
clean_vignettesClean built vignettes.
dev_modeActivate and deactivate development mode.
dev_packagesReturn a vector of names of packages loaded by devtools
devtestReturn the path to one of the packages in the devtools test...
devtoolsPackage development tools for R.
devtools-deprecatedDeprecated Functions
documentUse roxygen to document a package.
dr_devtoolsDiagnose potential devtools issues
dr_githubDiagnose potential GitHub issues
git_checksGit checks.
github_patRetrieve Github personal access token.
github_refsGitHub references
gitlab_patRetrieve Gitlab personal access token.
has_testsWas devtools installed with tests?
installInstall a local development package.
install_biocInstall a package from a Bioconductor repository
install_bitbucketInstall a package directly from bitbucket
install_cranAttempts to install a package from CRAN.
install_depsInstall package dependencies if needed.
install_gitInstall a package from a git repository
install_githubAttempts to install a package directly from GitHub.
install_gitlabAttempts to install a package directly from GitLab
install_localInstall a package from a local file
install_svnInstall a package from a SVN repository
install_urlInstall a package from a url
install_versionInstall specified version of a CRAN package.
is.packageIs the object a package?
lintLint all source files in a package.
load_allLoad complete package.
loaded_packagesReturn a vector of names of attached packages
missing_s3Find missing s3 exports.
on_pathTest if an object is on the path.
package_depsFind all dependencies of a CRAN or dev package.
package_fileFind file in a package.
pathGet/set the PATH variable.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
releaseRelease package to CRAN.
release_checksCustom devtools release checks.
reloadUnload and reload package.
r_env_varsEnvironment variables to set when calling R
revdepReverse dependency tools.
run_examplesRun all examples in a package.
session_infoPrint session information
show_newsShow package news
source_gistRun a script on gist
source_urlRun a script through some protocols such as http, https, ftp,...
spell_checkSpell checking
submit_cranSubmit a package to CRAN.
system_checkRun a system command and check if it succeeds.
system_outputRun a system command and capture the output.
testExecute 'test_that' tests in a package.
uninstallUninstall a local development package.
update_packagesUpdate packages that are missing or out-of-date.
wdSet working directory.
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