Man pages for hadley/emo
Easily Insert 'Emoji'

clockemoji version of time
day_in_synodic_cycleCalculate the number of days in the synodic month
fisher_lstLetter to emoji list
flagFlag emoji
geometricgeometric emoji
jiFind a single emoji
ji_completionemoji completion
ji_countCount the number of emojis in a string
ji_detectDetect the presence or absence of emojis in a string
ji_extractExtract emojis from a string
ji_findList all emoji with a given keyword
ji_fisherConvert text to emoji (by letter)
ji_glueemoji glue
ji_keywordemoji keywords
ji_locateLodate the positio of emojis in a string
ji_matchExtract emojis from a string
ji_nameemoji names
ji_pSummarise your p-values with emoji
ji_replaceReplace emojis in a string
ji_rxA regular expression to catch all emojis
jisfull list of emojis
ji_subsetKeep strings containing an emoji, or find positions
keycapKeycap emoji sequence
moonmoon phase
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