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Tools for Working with Categorical Variables (Factors)

as_factorConvert input to a factor.
fct_anonAnonymise factor levels
fct_cConcatenate factors, combining levels
fct_collapseCollapse factor levels into manually defined groups
fct_countCount entries in a factor
fct_dropDrop unused levels
fct_expandAdd additional levels to a factor
fct_explicit_naMake missing values explicit
fct_inorderReorder factors levels by first appearance or frequency
fct_lumpLump together least/most common factor levels into "other"
fct_otherReplace levels with "other"
fct_recodeChange factor levels by hand
fct_relabelAutomatically relabel factor levels, collapse as necessary
fct_relevelReorder factor levels by hand
fct_reorderReorder factor levels by sorting along another variable
fct_revReverse order of factor levels
fct_shiftShift factor levels to left or right, wrapping around at end
fct_shuffleRandomly permute factor levels
fct_unifyUnify the levels in a list of factors
fct_uniqueUnique values of a factor
forcats-packageforcats: Tools for Working with Categorical Variables...
gss_catA sample of categorical variables from the General Social...
lvlsLow-level functions for manipulating levels
lvls_unionFind all levels in a list of factors
pipePipe operator
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