Man pages for hadley/reshape
Flexibly Reshape Data: A Reboot of the Reshape Package

add_marginsAdd margins to a data frame.
castCast functions Cast a molten data frame into an array or data...
colsplitSplit a vector into multiple columns
french_friesSensory data from a french fries experiment.
guess_valueGuess name of value column
marginsFigure out margining variables.
meltConvert an object into a molten data frame.
melt.arrayMelt an array.
melt_checkCheck that input variables to melt are appropriate. a data frame into form suitable for easy casting.
melt.defaultMelt a vector. For vectors, makes a column of a data frame
melt.listMelt a list by recursively melting each component.
parse_formulaParse casting formulae.
recastRecast: melt and cast in a single step
smithsDemo data describing the Smiths.
tipsTipping data
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